We understand you have questions. We also know that our itineraries are not a “one trip fits all.” A key element to our approach is our flexibility, so we can help you craft an itinerary that suits your schedule, fits your cycling ability and caters to your lifestyle.


Optimal Flexibility

We design our robust tours for cycling enthusiasts who are equally excited about triumphing over challenging terrain as they are about creating memories with people and places that will last a lifetime.  Deciding on a tour that aligns with your physical capabilities is key to getting the most out of your Velo Classic adventure.

In preparation for your tour, we’ve found that it helps to focus on endurance and time, as most cyclists fall just below their threshold in order to challenge themselves without the fear of overdoing it. When considering which trip is right for you, note that all of our rides include optional start and finish points, as well as full van support.

While Velo Classic’s rides are non-competitive, our fundamental fitness requirement is having the endurance to ride 4-5 hours per day for your preferred number of consecutive days. We average 80-100 kilometers (50-60 miles) a day, including some intense climbs and descents.  These rides are not a test of heart rate or VO2 max, as we don’t have a group ride/race pace mentality.

Each tour incorporates recovery or off-the-bike race viewing days to let us recharge so we can enjoy the duration of our time together.  Whether you crave more mileage or feel like taking it easy, you can depend on us to offer support, guidance, and alternative loop rides or suggestions for exploring the local culture off the bike.  We also provide simple cue sheets to those cyclists who wish to navigate their own route.

Whichever tour you select, we’re here to give you what you need to cycle comfortably and with peace of mind. It’s your ride, your rules.


What You Need to Know

We take care of everything from the moment you arrive at our destination airport to the day of your departure. We’ll feed you all day with the exception of a few dinners, we’ll drink some great wines and cocktails, we support and guide your rides, give you maps if you want to venture out on your own, provide you with detailed cultural highlights and excursion options, and we offer one complimentary laundry service for you during the trip (please respect the quantity of clothing desired to be cleaned.) Trip price is based on double occupancy. For single rooms, there is an applicable supplement charged.


Non-Cyclists Are Always Welcome

One of the most enriching aspects of travel is sharing the experience with a loved one or friend, even if they don’t ride.  We welcome all non-cyclists, propose daily itineraries to visit local sites and incorporate off the bike activities. All this comes at a discount that we are happy to offer in order to make your trip that much more enjoyable.


Your Customized Traveling Companion

Having a bike that fits your unique body type and riding style is essential to a fulfilling journey with Velo Classic.  Our tour package eliminates the hassle of overseas bike delivery and expensive airline fees by offering a meticulously crafted, award-winning bike tailored to your riding preferences.

Velo Classic’s long-standing partnership with FOCUS Bike USA is a testament to our mutual promise of providing our cyclists with highly innovative and technically advanced bikes in a range of sizes and specifications.

For all Velo Classic trips, we offer the Izalco, the FOCUS flagship frame that’s outfitted with SRAM and Shimano components and DT Swiss wheels. The Izalco hails from the same bike frame generation raced by the AG2R Mondiale Pro Cycling Team.

The Izalco includes a 50/34 compact crank and options for the rear cassette. We recommend that you bring your preferred pedals and saddle for maximum comfort. The seat tube diameter is 27.2, and we’re happy to assemble your seat for you upon your arrival. We recommend bringing your own pedals, helmet and water bottles.

Once you reserve a bike and complete the Get FOCUSed Sizing and Registration Form, we’ll customize an Izalco to match your existing bike fit based on the information you provide.

When you meet us in Europe, we’ll make sure you’re ready to ride.


Airport Transfer and More

Planning a vacation should be an easy task, so we are here to make it as easy on you as possible. The only thing we ask of you is to get yourself to the arrival airport and we will do the rest. Even if we can’t make the airport pick-up ourselves, we will have a service available, on us. and during the trip, you can be assured everyone has their own mount on the roof and their own seat in our van.


Nothing Is Ever Set in Stone

Life has us all busier than ever, and sometimes it is impossible to get away from work 100%. You may find you need to cut a trip short by a day, arrive a day later or come in a day early. We can arrange all of this to ensure you’re maximizing your vacation time with minimal hassle.



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